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​Angeliques Jewels, May 2013

We are so happy to introduce our New Safari Collection. It has taken us some time to find the exact ingredients for this collection. Hopefully we have achieved the right style & give the feeling of being in a tru safari adventure. Our designers had to get inspired by many safari related themes to achieve a look that goes hand in hand with earthy outfits.

Latest projects

​Angeliques Jewels, April 2013

We are finally introducing our long awaited  Tigaiga Collection. The main theme of this collection are rainbows, sunsets, multicoloured spectacles that nature offers us. Our deigners had a lot of work & designer ideas to accomplish the right amount of clouring & shapes. Hopefully this collection will be something beautiful for a wide range of clients. 

Latest projects

​Angeliques Jewels, March 2013

Spring is around the corner and our Flower Collection has made it. We tried hard to finish our collection on time to present it together with the womderful time of the year : Spring. Our designers have hopefully achieved to transmit the wonderful energetic feeling of srpingtime, where flowers blossom and the world takes a deep breath: finally Spring. Magnificents colours & fantastic new shapes can be seen in our very special FLower Collection.

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