Angeliques Jewels represents a heterogeneous group of international contemporary jewellery designers whose common denominador is the use of both precious metals and non conventiontal materials in jewellery as also the craftmanship; all pieces are handmade. An entire universe of possibilities is opened exploring new forms and materials as part of the creative process.

Angeliques Jewels is related to the time we live in, reflects our culture, our way of live and understand the world, a form of expression and identification. Our jewels are easy to wear and jet special.

They could be considered small works of art; we talk about limited edition pieces or even one of a kind. Jewels full o beauty, style and creativity where the crafted producction process confers to the pieces a special finish: are unique works of art.

Acquire or give special pieces with which we identifies ourselves adds richness to everyday life and represents an enjoyment within our reach.


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